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AT~ Shou
Art trade I did with Rainie-Painie ~~
Hope I did ok!! :,0

It was super fun I hope we can trade again ~~
Check out their part>>>>>

(c) Mob psycho 100
Innocent little Kaneki dogo ~
Haven't drawn him in a while :,)
(c) Tokyo ghoul anime and manga
2000 watch contest ~
My entry to Zifreeper 's contest ;w; hope I did ok ~
Her ocs King Looney and History
Sorry I finished so fast ^w^;
No longer twisted
Happy early Valentine's Day ~<3
Let's take a moment to appreciate that this twisted love story is no longer twisted ;-; there are so many different types of love in Durarara ~
it's such a well written story.
(c) Durarara anime and manga ( light novel )
  I'm apologizing in advance for this but I'm just really done 
I know people go through hard times and I really wish I could do something for those people who really need help. It really hurts too hear about people's struggles and not really being able to do anything about it. To start, I'm not saying that when people talk about how they are feeling and what they think about something is a bad thing. People have a right to share their opinion and they can. However it is just really frustrating to me that people on diviantart art complain about their views. There is a big difference between saying I feel sad because blank_ and I understand some people may not agree ect. And OMG I hate _ blank and just being annoying about it. I understand the world is in a bad situation at the moment however what good will complaining do!!! How about you support the people who are struggling with you and say it's ok we will make it, I am my own person and just because things don't go my way doesn't mean my life is over. I'm directing this rant mostly to politics. I refuse to tell my opinion because their is no point honestly that is my own business. But I've noticed many artists just flat out complaining. I don't care who you are you have a right to your opinion, however you should respect others for having theirs i.e. Stop putting hate comments out there about the other side no matter who or what you 'follow', 'believe' or 'voted' for. It's rude to just randomly go AAAAAAH my life sucks because of other people. You have your own life and I believe you can make it if you stop blaming others for your problems. Maybe it actually is someone else's fault you are in a position but what good will complaining do !? I'm really sorry if I offended anyone I didn't mean too. I just can't find many people being fair that post their opinion. I'm absolutely sure there are people out there but I have just noticed a bunch of negative ones lately. Honestly no matter what you believe or who you are as a person I want to be here for you no matter what opinion you have. If you need support I will gladly listen and try my best to help you. I want to listen not shove my opinion in your face. This is for ANYONE who reads this I don't care If your opinions are different than mine if you needed to rant I will listen.

Hopefully this is is the only rant journal I will ever post and I will probably delete this journal later I just had to get this off my chest. Like I said their is nothing wrong with sharing your opinion if you must do it, or share how you feel. I just wish people were more respectful. There are two sides to a story so drop your pride and just accept it. 

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United States
*** picture by NoasDraws ****^^^

Hello! I'm a lover of classic books, and anime! My fav genres are along the lines of mystery and thriller.
My fav animes are - FMAB, Tokyo ghoul, Mirai Nikki, Erased, attack on Titan, Danganronpa, deadman wonderland, hyouka, assassination classroom, durarara and a lot more :)
I usually draw characters as cats (sometimes other animals) cause it's my style I guess ;) but I draw some other things as well


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thank you <33

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